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What is the Ridgeway Basin Study?

The City of Memphis, through its Drainage Master Plan program, has selected HDR Inc. to study, map, and develop recommendations to improve drainage in the Ridgeway Basin.


Project Goal

The goal is to study drainage conditions throughout the basin and develop recommendations for future Capital Improvement Projects to lessen the impacts of future storms on public infrastructure and private property.


The study consists of four major tasks described below. As the project team moves through this process we request your patience and your input.


  1. Mapping: Survey information will be used in a geographic information system to create a map of the basin allowing the team to better understand the drainage system. Surveyors are working throughout the basin collecting information regarding the size and location of drainage channels, ditches, pipes, culverts, and inlets.

  2. Modeling: A computer model of the drainage system will be created from the mapping. The model is a computer-generated version of the Ridgeway Basin drainage area that the project team will use to simulate different storms and runoff situations. The community input along with the collected rain and stormwater data will allow us to ensure the model represents the very real impacts of stormwater in the basin.

  3. Analyzing: Once we are sure the model accurately mimics the drainage system, it will be used to test a variety of drainage improvement scenarios. The most suitable scenarios will be used to develop recommendations for the City of Memphis to use in the overall Drainage Master Plan Program.

  4. Community Input: As residents and business owners in the Ridgeway Basin, you provide valuable information about the impact of stormwater on your property. Your information assists us identify problem areas and develop recommendations to correct real issues.

Ridgeway Basin Study Area

Drainage Issues

Project Team

HDR, Inc. leads the Ridgeway Basin Study team providing project management and public involvement services. Allworld Project Management, LLC provides database modeling services and THY provides surveying services.



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